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Light Stax Electric Light Blocks
Light Stax will take your building blocks game to a new level. The block uses LED lights to illuminate. They will magically light up as soon as they touch with the power base or lit Stax block. Features 4 light modes: Always on, 15 minute auto-off, fading and flashing. Buy it here

Glow in the Dark Kinetic Sand
Kinetic Sand, the awesome addictive sand that sticks to itself (but not your hands!) and is safe to play with indoor, just got 10x more awesome with its glow-in-the-dark version. With this set, you’ll get 1 lbs of sand, a sculpting tray, UV pen and UV glasses that provide you with hands-free lights.

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Parrot Airborne Night Drone
Don’t let darkness stop you from having fun with your Drone. Parrot’s Airborne Night Drone is equipped with powerful LED lights that illuminate your way while flying your drone at night. These lights, which are controlled by the app, also allow you to explore dim and hidden areas using the combination of light and the built-in vertical camera in your drone. All this is in addition to cool Parrot drone features of high speed, 180-degree turns, 1GB flash drive for storing aerial shots and much more. Buy it here

ACTON R10 RocketSkates
You may have explored tons of roller skates till date but the ACTON R10 RocketSkates are indeed different. This is because these motorized roller skates are smart and can propel the wearer at a speed up to 12 mph. There are two sets of step-in footplates which are capable of securing most types of footwear having strap bindings. These would be similar to the ones you generally find on snowboard boots that can accommodate both small and large feet. The skates can support up to 250 lbs and have a twin 6” diam with a 55-watt motor integrated into their fiber reinforced nylon frame. When you tilt forward on the toes, the skate speed will accelerate while if you tilt back, the skate speed will decelerate.

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Star Wars Sphero BB-8
If you’ve ever wanted your own Droid, here’s your chance to have none other than BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Although it’s much smaller in size than the real deal, it is just as fun. The BB-8 Droid by Sphero can be controlled with your smartphone or tablet, you can  make it respond to your voice commands, have it send virtual holographic videos, or let it run on its own. As you interact with it, the BB-8 Sphero will start developing its own attitude. Buy it here

Space Age Tent
Do your kids love camping and space exploration? This Tee-Pee tent by Fieldcandy may be just the thing for them. It’s friendly to kids being UV proof, fire resistant and waterproof and can easily be folded up and carried around on camp nights.

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MonoRover R2
This is a guest post by Sammy from IWannaSpendMoney.com

The MonoRover R2 is quite possibly one of the coolest things to spend money on today. The Segway was gearing up to becoming the new cool mode of transportation in the early 2000’s, however, it’s brand was tainted by mall cops (no offense Paul Blart). The hoverboard is something every Back to The Future fan has been waiting for since the movie came out in the 80’s. Well, imagine the hoverboard and the Segway had a baby and that is what the MonoRover is. Unlike the Segway, the way to move around the MonoRover is by stepping on it and balancing your body to move left right up and down. You can pretty much control the MonoRover the way you’ve imagined on controlling a hoverboard, however, you can’t levitate and reach a top speed higher than 12 miles per hour.

Although the MonoRover is not the hoverboard we have been dreaming of, it is still the coolest gadget to buy in 2015. You can look awesome, improve your self-balance, and feel like you are truly apart of the future with the MonoRover R2.

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Crazy Balloons
Enjoy a fun water balloon battle? Then you’ll absolutely love these balloons. Crazy Balloons come with a special attachment that connects to any hose. Turn on the tap and watch a bunch of self-sealing balloons fill and tie up in a matter of seconds! Before you know it, you’ve got yourself a 100 of water balloons ready for battle time. Package includes 100 balloons, bonus balloons and a booklet for some water balloon game ideas. Buy Now

Ghostbusters Playing Cards Ghostbusters Playing Cards_12
Dedicated fans of the cult comedy Ghostbusters have a new thing to add to their collectibles collection: this deck of playing cards. Each card is illustrated with a character from the film by a different artist. All cards have an air-cushion finish which gives it a smooth texture and a longer life span. Buy Now

Heat Sensitive Thinking Putty
Make your mark with this magical putty that changes color when heat is applied or removed. Feeling stressed? Trying to come up with new ideas? Whatever situation you’re in, give the Thinking Putty a squeeze, bounce it, snap it or stretch it, and watch it change color as you do. Best part is: it is odorless, it doesn’t dry out and it will not grease your hands. Buy Now

An integrated bike lock that is safe, comfortable, and beautifully designed. We went back to the roots of security and made a paradigm shift: “Make a lock out of the bike”. Now a thief would have to cut through the main structure to take the bicycle, defeating the purpose.

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Zombie Apocalypse Magnet Set
A set of 4 sheets of magnets, total of 44, with characters, props and set pieces for you to create an epic Zombie scene on your choice of metal surface, may it be the fridge, file cabinet or white board which will look way better with an apocalyptic scene than any work on it. Buy Now

In case you’ve missed our previous ZBOX feature, here’s what it’s all about. Entertainment retailer Zavvi now releases a themed mystery box every month, previous themes included: Retro, Cosmic and Undead. April 2015 comes with the theme of Animation, we don’t know what your ZBOX will exactly include, but you can expect products from the following franchises: Disney Pixar, Big Hero 6, South Park and more. And Zavvi has let us in on one detail only: The box will definitely include a Pop Vinyl! The ZBOX  includes £40 worth of exclusive, licensed merchandise, and you only pay half that price! The ZBOX ships worldwide.

Click here to see details and unboxing videos of previous box.

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Hoverkraft Levitating Construction Challenge
Hoverkraft is a fun building game for two players. Your challenge is to stack the small pieces on a levitating platform. Each player will get to add or remove a piece, as the dice would indicate, and the last player to add a piece without bringing the whole thing down wins! This game is great fun for players of all ages, and it is most certainly just as fun for a single player, too! Buy Now


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