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Category: Games & Toys

With the enamelled metal Ferrari shield on the front, the Ferrari Carbon Fiber Chess Set is the ultimate luxury set you can gift your chess playing friend for sure. Apart from the chess pieces, it also comes with 16 black and 16 red pieces for playing draughts. The board is constructed from carbon fibre covered wood with the playing area featuring alternate squares in carbon fibre and fibreglass.

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Bubble Thing Giant Bubble Maker
Create insanely large bubbles with this “Bubble Thing” which can make bubbles up to 35 feet in length! Simply dip the fabric loop in a water/soap mix, swing it around and go crazy. It’s almost impossible not to have with with this! Buy Now

See it in action:

Retro Candy Grabber
Sure you can just go and grab your favorite candy, but isn’t it a lot more fun if you play to earn it?! Like an old-school arcade candy grabber, this little machine takes in fake coins (included) and gives you a minute and 15 seconds to grab as many candy as you can. Candy sure tastes better when you earn it! Buy Now

IPEGA PG-9021 Classic Bluetooth V3.0 Gamepad
Get more out of the games on your phone with this Bluetooth gamepad that allows you to control your games in a fun, easier and more comfortable way. It connects to any device, iOS or Android, via Bluetooth and can be easily recharged using the included USB cable. Buy Now


Riding your Homer Cruzer by Santa Cruz Skateboards will be an absolute D’oh adventure you can’t deny enjoying on the streets everyday this summer. This popsicle-style skateboard draws its inspiration from the Simpsons series and brings an ultimate experience of skating while you slide down the pathways each day. The donut graphic Road Rider wheels and Krux “The Man” Trucks are additional complements that makes the piece even more adorable and funky for skaters and street style lovers.

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In comparison to standard pool floats, the King Kai Pool Float ensures you withstand absolute comfort while resting on this foamy floating device. Perfectly compatible for two people at a time, this float pampers you with its soft surface which is made out of body hugging foam beads.

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The Drift is a true all terrain bicycle that will take you off the beaten path. The large volume tires provide riders with flotation and traction when it is needed most, on sand, mud, rocks, and packed snow. Ride it while cruising the city streets on your daily commute or race it through the backwoods on the weekend, there’s no doubt that you won’t have fun while riding this fat bike! The Drift is designed and manufactured in the USA.

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Star Wars 3D Metal Model Kits Star Wars 3D Metal Model Kits_ Star Wars 3D Metal Model Kits__
Star Wars fans will enjoy putting together these small scale replicas from their favorite film. Each kit includes a flat laser-etched steel sheet, all you’ll have to do is pop out the parts and put them together, no tools required. And thanks to the laser etching, each model includes some stunning details. Available in four models: TIE Fighter, R2-D2, Millennium Falcon, and AT-AT. Buy Now

Personalised Superhero Action Figures Personalised Superhero Action Figures_ Personalised Superhero Action Figures__

Become the superhero you’ve always thought yourself to be, but never really looked it. You  can now have your own superhero action figure with YOUR head on it! It’s a very simple process turning yourself into a superhero: choose from Captain America, Iron Man, Cat Woman, Thor or Wonder Woman, upload your photo (you’ll have to follow instruction for taking the photo), upload it to FireBox and wait. Thanks to magical 3D printing technology, you’ll soon have your head printed into a mini action figure head that goes onto your favorite superhero body!

Already got an action figure that you’d like personalized with your head? You can actually have your photo 3D printed to personalize as you like! Click here for more info.

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Your everyday poolside float is now going to be a time to celebrate baseball as you lie on this inflatable Baseball Glove Float. It is a jumbo sized relaxable float that’s drawn its inspiration directly from a baseball glove. In order to help you with absolute comfort, it has also got four separate air chambers.

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Now you can enjoy to play all GBA4ios games with G-pad on your iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, iPod touch 5th Gen and iPad mini. The iPhone, iPod touch or iPad mini game controller you always wanted. Whether in the air, on the road, or between classes, G-pad opens a new world of mobile gaming with style controls. STYLE CONTROLS: Precise console-style analog controls to dominate your favourite GBA games more easily than using on-screen controls.
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