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Category: iPad Accessories

Whooz Iz It Labels
Few months ago, we featured Whooz? Vinyl labels for iDevice chargers which allows you to personalize and give each charger you have a character. No one will steal your charger and pretend it’s theirs anymore! The project on Kickstarter initially needed $6000 to get off the ground, but raised $20,000 instead!

Sativa Turner, creator of Whooz? Labels was kind enough to send me a set of stickers for a review.

Whooz Iz It Labels
Whooz Iz It Labels
I got the iPhone Character set, which includes 4 characters for iPhone chargers. Each sheet includes labels for the charger, the USB cable as well as the earphones.

The package features clear instructions on how to apply the labels and which part goes where (tips are written inside the package), it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to apply them and transform your charger into a character.

Whooz Iz It Labels 1
The labels are of great quality, they’re made of vinyl so they should be durable and won’t peel off or wipe out easily. The product is very cute as much as it is functional. I believe this is a must-have for any family or individual that owns many iDevices. We’ve all been in situations where someone “borrows” our charger then suddenly that charger becomes theirs somehow. Or your charger gets mixed up with an old and worn out one and you wonder why it’s not working properly anymore. Well, all those issues are no-more with Whooz ID labels. And even if you don’t need to ID your charger, those stickers are just cool to have.

The Whooz? labels are available for iPhone and iPad chargers in a character set or color set. Get yours at WhoozIzIt.com for $12.95 per pack. Buy it here

Williams-Sonoma Smart Tools for iPad

Williams-Sonoma has developed its own iPad tools for the modern chef. This set includes a Bluetooth speaker, an iPad stand and a screen shield to protect your iPad from any mess. The speakers can be used with pretty much any Bluetooth enabled device, and the stand should hold any tablet… vertically or horizontally. Both are equipped with non-slip silicone bases and are made of premium brushed metal finish that is easy to keep clean. $199 Buy it here

Need a more affordable iPad kitchen stand? Have a look at the Belkin Kitchen Stand for Tablets

If you’re in the market for new speakers, this portable bluetooth speaker by Philips is definitely one to consider. The ShoqBox SB7300 connects with any bluetooth enable device, it’s powered with 4 speaker drivers that deliver clear room-filling sound. It has an 8 hrs. built-in rechargeable battery and a built-in mic for phone/video calling conversations. Skipping a song, going back to a song, pausing/resuming all works by swiping a smart sensor placed on the front of the speaker. You can also connect two ShoqBox speakers together by swiping the sensors. Watch the video to see it in action:

The ShoqBox is also available in a shock and splash proof designBuy it here

Hatch & Co.’s Skinny iPad case with keyboard truly is skinny. It is the world’s slimmest and lightest iPad case with a keyboard. The keyboard gives you the ability to control music, video, language change, and more.. and the battery on it will last you 2 weeks (up to 6 weeks on standby). It is important to note that the keyboard on this case is a touch keyboard (what makes it skinny), but it has a special texture to it that gives it a ‘key’ feel to it. Available in black/grey and white/brown.  Buy it here