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Potato chips go very well with a nice cold drink, and a coaster is essentially required with that cold drink. Mash them together and you’ve got this awesome can of Potato Chip Coasters. Buy Now

Inte-rex-ing Choice Plate
A T-Rex figurine stands right through the center of this piece’s attached white plate for a touch of quirkiness that transcends time.

After the range of various robots we’ve seen around, it’s time we could go for a change with this humorous yet intelligent Eggbot on the breakfast table. Otherwise a simple egg holder, it’s the design which makes Eggbot a bit different from others.

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chalkboard table runner set chalkboard table runner set2
Whether you need to keep the kids at the table, entertain your guests or decorate your table in a new way, use this Chalkboard as a table runner or cut it into placemats and get creative! Includes dustless chalks so you don’t have to let that dust stand in the way of your fun. Wipe clean and store to reuse again. Buy Now

cornelius and rosie posie appetizer plates
In a graphic homage to the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead, iconic skull symbol comes to life in vibrant yellow on a field of blue flourished with painterly black petals. A festive complement to pixelized grayscale bloom. Sized to serve small bites, handmade porcelain rounds entertain with modern expression.Buy Now

Housecat Party Coaster Set
This coaster set is topped with photos of kitties that are all dressed up and ready to party. The non-slip coasters will protect your tabletop while the kitties provide smiles to your guests. Buy Now

Rejuvenate vintage decor on the dining table in the form of this Happy Hot Dog Napkin Ring that looks nothing less in terms of its beauty and unique design. Each set consists of 6 rings you can use to flaunt a design from the past with pride while you dine with guests. The design representing one of man’s favorite pets adds the perfect icing to the cake which looks like a combination of simplicity and art bound together in a beautiful framework

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The Mug With a Hoop
Practice your Basketball skills with this fun mug with a hoop! Throw in your cereal, crackers in a soup or marshmallows in Hot Chocolate, if you can throw ’em through the tiny hoop, you know you’ve got skills! Buy Now

Planetary Plates
Enjoy a meal that takes you to a whole new planet. This set of 8 plates features watercolor portraits of of all planets of the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. $39 Buy Now