Category: Tableware

The Bamboo Sushi Tray is a beautifully crafted plywood tray you could use anytime to serve your lip-smacking Sushi delights. Handmade in Brooklyn, this eco-friendly serving tray has been excellently merged with a bamboo base and a classic beeswax finish. It’s somewhat different from the kind of traditional trays that we generally have an inclination for.

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Shark Bowl
As your appetite grows and you start to really dig in into that bowl that unsuspected killer shark comes popping out. Great for cereal, soup or ice cream, just make sure to fill it to the top for a nice surprise look on your friends’ faces. $15.99 Buy Now

You Spin Me Right Pound Cake Stand
Three LP-like glass plates stack onto an ornate silver centerpiece, creating a decorative crowd-pleaser. Fill the room with the sweet sounds of vinyl as you stock this retro stand with culinary classics, showing off your record-breaking hostess skills at your next party!

Shaker My Head
A set of edgy skull shaped salt and pepper shakers with a touch of cuteness. They make a functional tabletop accessory as much as an adorable decorative item.

Titanic Gravy Boat
Hit this Titanic gravy boat with an iceberg of mashed potatoes. The result will be a delicious disaster where no one gets hurts. Made of ceramic, holds up to 16oz. $59.99 Buy it here

Hexagon Plate
Three hexagons are attached together to form a tray that is as multi-function as they come. Use it to hold snacks, small accessories, stationery items… etc. You can also add on more trays to create your own geometric shape. $8 Buy it here

MetalPress Drink Coasters3
The whole idea behind coasters is to protect your furniture from water rings and stains, but most standard coasters end up wearing out and need to be replaced after a while. MetalPress Coasters are a solution to this problem. The sleek and ultra modern set combines solid aluminum for maximum durability with cork backs that keep the coasters in place and ensure your surface is safe from scratches. The aluminum top is etched with beautiful designs that gives it its modern look, and the black paint, which is applied below the surface so it will never bleed, makes the details of the embossed designs pop. The set is complete with a beautiful handmade wood base available in 6 different wood species that you can pick from to match your decor. The craftsmanship and high standard quality of MetalPress will make them pretty much the last coaster set you’ll ever need! You can pre-order your set right now at Buy it here

Sugar Skull Spoon Sugar Skull Spoon Sugar Skull Spoon
The skull shaped stainless steel spoon by Hundred Million design studio is supposed to remind you that sugar is evil every time you scoop a spoonful of sugar for your coffee or tea. All I see, though, is a reminder that sugar can look pretty cool! The concave shape of the spoon makes up for sugar lost through the eyes of the skull, so you’ll still get a good amount of sugar with every scoop. Buy it here

Shelling Out Snacks Bowl
You and your guests will love being welcomed to a snack by this cute little squirrel serving you your favorite snack in his nut shell. The bowl is made of ceramic and finished with a glossy finish.