Category: Tableware

A stylish tray cleverly designed with comfort in mind. With two flat openings on the side, it allows you to rest your arms and comfortably eat your food. Available in different models and  three different finishes. Buy it here


Fantastic Unplastic Tray

So you probably bake cookies way better than the ones from the store, or maybe not, but you’d like to fool people anyway? Then try serving them in this glass tray made to look just like the tray store-bought cookies come in. $24.99 Buy it here

Get creative and color your food with ketchup and mustard using these “Crayums”. The Crayon shaped squeeze bottles are reusable and hold 8 ounces of ketchup or mustard. $12.49 Buy it here


“New York artist Dan Golden maps out the all-American meal on white porcelain round. Simple black sketch outlines mashed potatoes, corn and supersized salisbury steak” $5.95 Buy it here

A very entertaining cup and saucer set. The saucer is made of 2 layers, with a flick you can spin the upper saucer while the cup is still in place. With this, the images on the saucer move and reflect on the mirrors on the cup, causing a marry-go-round effect. $70 Buy it here