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Cool Popsicle Molds for a Fun Summer

Here’s a fun way to spend your summer days making delicious and healthy ice pops in fun shapes. You can use these molds to create popsicles from variety of juice flavors, yoghurt or pudding.

1. Hog Wild Dino Pops:

Set of four molds to create Dinosaur shaped popsicles. Buy it here

2. Browne & Co Cuisipro Snap Fit Robot Pop Mold:

Set of 6 robot shaped molds that snap together to save space in your freezer.  Buy it here

3. Monster Fun Ice Pop Molds:

Self standing molds that add some character to your popsicles. Buy it here

4. Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker:

This popsicle maker is like magic. It freezes popsicles in about seven minutes on your countertop, no electricity needed! All you have to do is freeze the unit 24 hours in advance, then you’re ready to make those pops in a matter of minutes.  Buy it here

5. Rocket Ice Pop Molds:

Makes 6 rocket shaped popsicles. The handles have built-in drip guards which are very helpful for kids. Buy it here

6. Bug Pop Molds:

These molds create Ladybug, Caterpillar and Beetle shaped popsicles. Comes in a set of 6, two of each design. The popsicles sit on a fun leaf design base.  Buy it here

7. Jewel Pop Molds:

Just like candy ring pops, these frozen jewel ice pops can be worn or held. The handles have drip guards that will keep the little ones’ fingers mess-free.  Buy it here

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