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COOLMORE: The Coolest AC, Cooler and Fan

COOLMORE Original Coolmore ACCOOLMORE Desktop
As the heat rises in the summer, so does your electric bill. That’s the unfortunate cost associated with a high AC that cools down the entire house, even though you’re only sitting in one area. That’s where COOLMORE comes in, although it does not completely replace your AC, it helps give it a boost and cut down its costs.

What Does COOLMORE Do?

  • It redirects the cool air where you need it most, this allows you to set the AC temperature higher, therefore cutting down on the electric cost.
  • It also works as a cooler. You can store a bottle or two in its inner compartment.
  • You can use it as a desktop fan.

The best part is, it is USB powered and portable, so you can virtually use it anywhere.

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