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DOSH Syncro iPhone 5/5S Wallet [Review]

DOSH Syncro
If you’re not familiar with DOSH, it’s an Australian designer brand that specializes in modern wallets that are minimal in design yet very functional and quite innovative. DOSH wallets aim to help you get rid of any excess baggage and streamline the contents you carry with you, which may count as a small but great change in your daily routine.

Today we’ll be looking at one of DOSH’s newest wallets, the Syncro iPhone 5/5S wallet, which was provided to me by DOSH for this review.

Syncro Wallet
I’ve been using the Syncro wallet with iPhone 5S for about a week now and got a good use of it so far. The wallet is basically a TPU iPhone sleeve with outer pockets on both sides for carrying your credit cards and cash. The TPU material of the wallet is quite solid, it feels soft, it’s water resistant and it should be very durable and can withhold any use and abuse.

The main compartment holds your phone securely in place. It is snug enough that your phone won’t move or accidentally slip out. I’ve shook it quite hard, held it upside down, shook it again and the iPhone remained in place. Yet, when you pull your phone out, it will come out easily. I’m not sure what is happening inside the Syncro that keeps everything tight in place, but it works perfectly.

Syncro Wallet Pocket
The external pockets are quite useful, too. It can hold up to 6 cards total, 3 per pocket. It can also hold some cash notes and they’ll fit securely in place. I’ve first tested the pocket with a card then I added another one. Having less than 3 cards in a pocket, the cards will feel loose inside. At first, I thought this could be an issue. However, even though the two cards were loose inside the pocket, they did not fall off when I held the wallet upside down or when I shook it. Because there’s a bit of a hollowness to the pockets, your cards will remain inside and will not slip.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the DOSH Syncro wallet for iPhone 5/5S. I’m quite surprised with how simple the design is and how perfectly it works. It is lightweight and most probably much lighter than your current wallet. The material is of great quality that you don’t have to worry about it wearing out any time soon. It is made in locally in Australia of 100% recyclable material.  Like most iPhone wallets, you won’t be able to fit in an iPhone with a case on it. This could be a deal breaker for some people, it’s not an issue for me personally though.

The DOSH Syncro Wallet is available in 8 colors. You can buy it for $69.95 with free worldwide delivery at doshbrand.com. Buy it here

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