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FIRSTSTAND 2: All-in-One Gadget Stand

FIRSTSTAND 2 is an all-in-one station to hold all your gadgets in one place and keep your desktop, side table or wherever you usually keep your gadgets mess-free.

Made from an elegant and rigid aluminum body, FIRSTSTAND 2 is available in two designs:

  • FIRSTSTAND 2: a stand that can hold a smart watch and up to two smart phones while they charge.
  • FIRSTSTAND 2 Pro: more than double the length, it can hold more gadgets: 2 smartphones, 2 smart watches, 2 tablets and a few personal accessories.

The inserts/holders on the FIRSTSAND 2 are fully adjustable, simply slide them over to rearrange them however you like. It’s a truly customizable solution to end the undesirable mess our favorite gadgets create.

You can get your FRISTSTAND 2 on Kickstarter.com starting at only $29. Buy it here

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