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Fluux LiquiMetal Color Shifting Ferrofluid Suspension

Fluux LiquiMetal
Have you ever bought something that doesn’t necessarily provide any particular function, but is just totally so awesome that you had to have it? Fluux LiquiMetal is exactly that. Although, I wouldn’t call it without a function, LiquiMetal provides you with a momentary distraction, something to gaze into, relaxation when you’re having a long stressful day.

So what is LiquiMetal, exactly?
LiquiMetal is an object that uses Ferrofluid, a liquid which becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field, to create suspended color shifting shapes. Made from glass and anodized aluminum, LiquiMetal can sit on your desktop in one of two positions to provide you with endless entertainment.

Fluux LiquiMetal_
Since Ferrofluid relies on magnet to change its shape, the strength of a magnet effects the density / fluidity of it. With your LiquiMetal you’ll get one or two powerful magnet wands that you’ll wave over LiquiMetal to create different shapes. See it in action in this video:

LiquiMetal is available for pre-order on Kickstarter.com. It’s already been over 300% funded (for an obvious reason!), so we can already tell this fun object is quite a hit! You can get yours starting at $55 Buy it here

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