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ForeverSpin™ 2.0 – Precise, Durable and Elegant Spinning Tops

ForeverSpin 2
You may remember ForeverSpin’s elegant spinning tops from the last time we featured them. This company has made it its duty to bring the world’s oldest toy, the spinning top, back to life but this time it’s a beautiful and luxurious toy that you simply just want to have. In their original campaign, ForeverSpin was trying to raise $1,500 in an effort to create a truly precise and balanced spinning top, but instead, they raised over $130,000! So if you missed on the first campaign, here’s your 2.0 chance:

ForeverSpin 2.0
Spinning tops are a fun thing to play with, they help relief stress, the perfect toy to enjoy while brainstorming, and they’re great fun as a group game. ForeverSpin 2.0 is an improved design that features:

  • An improved longer spindle for increased speed and better grip.
  • A redesigned tip for increased balance.
  • And it’s bigger by 75% by volume.

ForeverSpin2 Dock
ForeverSpin 2.0 is available in Stainless steel, Titanium or 24K Gold Plated. For the collector: you’ll be happy to know that you can get a Stainless steel or Gold plated dock for your ForeverSpin tops. As a beautiful piece of art, they deserve to be on display at all time. Each ForeverSpin 2.0 top carries the ForeverSpin™ seal and has a unique serial number

You can get your ForeverSpin 2.0 starting at $28, and if you act quickly, you can get in on some awesome rewards.

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See it in action:

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