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gagaStick Business Cards

gagaStick Business Cards gagaStick Business Cards gagaStick Business Cards
Business cards are meant to be shared, but the sad truth is, most card  designs are so plain that they get tossed away. gagaStick has come to the rescue with the most shareable business card you could ever have. gagaSticks are a new unique concept for business cards that ensure your card will ‘stick out’ and get noticed, and most importantly, it won’t get thrown out.

So what is a gagaStick, exactly?

  • it is your own personalized business card, printed on a magnetic stick.
  • The magnetic card is then wrapped in a foil, the same way a gum stick is.
  • Here’s the twist, your card will be bundled with a real stick of gum in a flavor of your choice!

What you get at the end is a case of your own personalized gagaStick cards ready to be shared with a stick of lip-smacking gum inside! The cards can be personalized with your own design, or you can choose from a variety of available designs. Gum flavors available are: cinnamon or spearmint. Learn more about gagaSticks at: tribegaga.com

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