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Gramr Gratitude Co. Thank-You Cards

Gramr Gratitude Co. Gramr Gratitude Co. Notes Gramr Gratitude Co. Thank you Notes
Gramr Gratitude Co. is on a mission to bring back the habit of a handwritten thank-you note. These beautiful cards with unmatched paper quality and a lot of personality will surely make your card’s recipient full of joy. Gramr Gratitude offers a few options to choose from: you can get a set of cards with your choice of photos taken by talented photographers, you can also opt for a set of cards complete with seal wax sticks and your own personalized wax stamp. And finally, for the always grateful, there’s an option for a monthly subscription that gets you a set pf cards with new images as well as sealing wax beginning of every month. You can pre-order your cards starting at only $16 on Kickstater.com. Buy it here

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