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Hoco Milanese Loop For Apple Watch [Review]

Hoco Milanese Loop
A while after wearing my Rose Gold Apple Watch Spot with the default Stone silicone band, I felt like I needed to dress up my watch. I had my eyes on Apple’s Milanese Loop for while, but could never justify paying its high price, especially with third-party alternatives available at a much lower cost. At this point, it was the matter of which 3rd party Milanese Loop had the best quality. After doing a lot of research, I decided to go for the Hoco Milanese Loop.

I’d like to note that this isn’t a sponsored review, I wasn’t provided with the product for free as most reviews, but I paid full price for it and thought I’d share my thoughts on it.

Why I Chose the Hoco Milanese Loop:

Hoco Milanese Loop 2
At about $60, the Hoco Milanese Loop is in the high range when it comes to 3rd party Milanese Loops available on the market. There are similar brands that are around half that price, but there are a few reasons that made me go for the Hoco band:

Design and Appearance:
When it comes to 3rd party Milanese Loop bands, this is what you have to pay attention to:

  • The shape of the links that make up the mesh.
  • The adapters, and if there’s a noticeable gap between them and the watch.
  • The strength of the magnet closure.

The Hoco Milanese Loop has somewhat fine links. Compared to Apple’s Milanese Loop (which I tried in-store only), it is on the lighter side. On the loop side of the adapter, there is no gap, which I truly appreciate and the magnet is very strong.

On the magnet closure, you’ll find Hoco’s logo, which I wish wasn’t there. But since it’s only etched on, it’s not very annoying. What annoyed me though is how fast this bit scratched, only few hours after wearing, even though I don’t remember doing anything hard enough to scratch it.

The shade of the adapters matches the Apple Watch Stainless Steel, so if you’re wearing this with the Aluminum Sport watch, you’ll see a difference between the adapter and the watch. My bet the band will still look great, though. Not to mention that there aren’t adapters that match the Sport edition of the watch yet.


Hoco Milanese Loop 3
The Hoco Milanese Loop is very comfortable to wear. Just as good as the real deal. The only time it won’t feel comfortable is if you end up working out wearing it for some reason. Although it will hold up nicely, you won’t have to worry about it coming loose, but the sweating with a Milanese Loop on is quite annoying. This probably goes to all Milanese Loops.

Quality and Durability:

Hoco Milanese Loop 4
I’ve been wearing the Hoco Milanese Loop for 2 weeks now. Apart from the scratches on the magnet closure, which isn’t that big of a deal for me personally, this band has been great. The quality is solid, feels good on wrist, did not come loose and it looks as good as Apple’s official milanese loop.

Compared to Apple’s $149 Milanese Loop, you’ll be saving A LOT by going with the Hoco Milanese Loop while getting the same look and a very close quality. I personally believe it to be absolutely worth it and highly recommend it.

Where To Buy It:

The Hoco Milanese Loop is available on Mini in The Box (where I got it from) with free expedited shipping worldwide.
Buy it from Mini In the Box Use Code HOLIDAY5OFF to take additional $5 OFF your purchase of $45+

It is also available on Amazon (Shipping fees may apply). Buy it from Amazon

The product is cheaper on Amazon, but it’s only available for US shipping. If you’re located outside of the US, purchasing from Mini in The Box is your best choice and you should receive it within 3 to 5 days with free Expedited shipping.

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