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Hoodsie: Super Comfortable Adult Onesies

Hoodsie OnesiesHoodsie OnesiesHoodsie Onesies
Now here’s something so comfortable that you’ll want to spend your entire day in, whether your in or out of your home! Hoodsie is a unisex adult onesie, but it’s nothing like any onesie you’ve seen so far. These hooded onesies are super cool, nicely designed in a way that they can actually be worn outside of your home without having you look like your in your PJs.

Available in different materials; the lightweight jersey made from the softest Pima cotton that you’ll ever wear, the Midweight Fleece made of Pima cotton brushed fleece, which has a sweater feel to it, the Heavyweight Terry Hoodsie made from 100% cotton terry perfect for a colder weather, and finally the Outdoorsie Hoodsie, which is breathable, waterproof and windproof.

You can pre-order your Hoodsie in the color and material of your choice on Kickstarter.com starting at only $65. The campaign has already been 200% funded, so you’re a guaranteed your Hoodies if you pre-order now! Buy it here

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