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iKettle: WiFi Kettle

iKettle WiFi Kettle iKettle WiFi Kettle
So, what else can your smartphone do to make your life easier? Apparently, it can boil your hot water for you now! iKettle, the world’s first Wi-Fi kettle is here. It connects to your home network via WiFi and you can control it through an app, which also works as an alarm. The app wakes you up and asks if you’d like to pop on the boiler or not, answer yes and it’ll get right on it! Once it’s done boiling, it’ll ask you if you’d like to keep it warm for a while until you’re ready to use to use the water. The app also welcomes you home as soon as you’re back with the same question.

There’s more awesomeness to this boiler, it actually has four different boiling temperatures pre-set since many beverages require different water temperature. So you know your Coffee or Tea will be at perfect temperature every time! $161 Buy it here

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