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Kapow! by Adam Thirlwell

Kapow! takes place in the thick of the Arab Spring, guided by the highspeed monologue of an unnamed narrator – over-doped, over-caffeinated, over-weight – trying to make sense of this history in real time: with 24 hour broadcasts, YouTube films, lesbian bars in London’s East End and far too many newspaper clippings. A clever, funny and bitingly critical cultural commentary, using spinning digressions to tell the stories of a group of interconnected characters in London and Egypt, each transformed by the idea of revolution.

What’s really interesting about this book is not only the story, but how the book is made. Readers are invited to unfold long fold-out pages, and follow text that is written in different directions – sometimes leaking out of the page. It is certainly a new and fun way to read a book and follow a story.  Buy it here [images source]

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