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Key-Valet Key Holder

For those times when you need to detach a key from your keychain for whichever reason, it starts to become a torturous task to get that key out of the keychain’s loop. Key-Valet makes this task a quick and easy one, so easy that removing a key becomes a simple one-hand operation.

Key-ValetKey Valet Keyring
The Key-Valet is available in four options:

  • A key carabiner which you can attach to your existing keychain and use to attach the keys you swap the most.
  •  A Key-Valet Ring: a ring with the key carabiners attached to it.
  • Key Valet Classic: A plate style keychain perfect for managing all your keys with the key carabiner already attached to it.
  • Key Valet Pro: An excellent choice for someone who does a lot of handy work. It combines a keychain, a ruler, a screw threads template and can hold up to 6 keys.

The Key-Valet is available for pre-order on Kickstarter.com starting at only $13. Buy it here

See the Key-Valet in action in the following video:

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