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Lifta Desk Organizer

Lifta Minimal Desk Organizer Lifta Minimal Desk Organizer4-2
We’ve featured many desktop organizers before, iStick Multi-function Organizer and U-Board Smart Organizer being the most popular. Lifta Desk Organizer is an option for anyone who wants a sleek minimal design. Made of wood (three options available), it is designed to lift your monitor up for optimal height, gives you space for your computer accessories and keep your desk tidy. However, it lacks many of the function other organizers offer, like additional USB hub, phone holder, cup holder and many more. For its price, we’d consider the Lifta to be more of a design object than a functional desktop accessory. So if you’re looking to organize your desk and add more function to your workspace, we’d recommend the organizers we mentioned above. $125 Buy it here [via – Bless This Stuff]

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