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Ministry of Supply 3D Suit

MoS 3D Suit
Ministry of Supply’s 3D Suit is as high-tech and impressive as everything MoS has ever made. Made from soft, foam-like material that feels like it’s hovering around your body. This suit will give you a new level of comfort that no other suit can offer.

The jacket and pants of this suit were 3-dimensionally shaped around the human body contours, and not suited around a mannequin like every other piece of clothing out there. The result is a suit that allows you to move naturally without any restriction.

MoS 3D Suit
The fabric the 3D Suit is made of is lightweight yet offers enough insulation to keep you warm in cold weather. Polyester fibers work on wicking sweat away from your body, keeping your body cool and comfortable. The best part (if all the above didn’t excite you enough!) is that the suit is machine washable, throw it in the wash and never worry about dry cleaners trips again.

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