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MonoRover Electric Hoverboard

MonoRover R2
This is a guest post by Sammy from IWannaSpendMoney.com

The MonoRover R2 is quite possibly one of the coolest things to spend money on today. The Segway was gearing up to becoming the new cool mode of transportation in the early 2000’s, however, it’s brand was tainted by mall cops (no offense Paul Blart). The hoverboard is something every Back to The Future fan has been waiting for since the movie came out in the 80’s. Well, imagine the hoverboard and the Segway had a baby and that is what the MonoRover is. Unlike the Segway, the way to move around the MonoRover is by stepping on it and balancing your body to move left right up and down. You can pretty much control the MonoRover the way you’ve imagined on controlling a hoverboard, however, you can’t levitate and reach a top speed higher than 12 miles per hour.

Although the MonoRover is not the hoverboard we have been dreaming of, it is still the coolest gadget to buy in 2015. You can look awesome, improve your self-balance, and feel like you are truly apart of the future with the MonoRover R2.

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