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Pac-Man Arcade Screen Wall Decal

Pac-Man Arcade Screen Wall Decal

Turn your wall into a screenshot of the most successful coin operated game ever made, Pac-Man! This set of wall decal include everything you need to create a winning Pac-Man game:

  • 1 39 inch x 50 inch arcade screen
  • 1 5 inch Pac-Man
  • 5 2.25 inch Pac-Man
  • 12 2.5 inch ghost
  • 16 Ghost eyes
  • 190 Various sized dot cover-ups
  • 2 Various sized arcade console decals
  • 28 Various sized game play decals.

The decals are made with Blik’s Re-Stik so they can be rearranged at anytime without damaging the wall or losing its adhesiveness.

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