For video gamers who are always told to put the controller down and read a book instead, these custom video game covers are a great way to make your games look sophisticated – old school Penguin paperback sophisticated – and give the illusion that you’re a big reader and your gaming addiction is under control. $6 for 3 covers. Buy it here [via]

Wake Up Mug

You cannot fully open your eyes until you’ve had your cup of coffee. Apparently the same goes for this mug, which will start opening its sleepy eyes as soon as you fill it up with coffee or any hot liquid. The mug’s eyes will start closing again as it gets empty, which only means one thing… time for more coffee!  Buy it here

If you’re in the market for new speakers, this portable bluetooth speaker by Philips is definitely one to consider. The ShoqBox SB7300 connects with any bluetooth enable device, it’s powered with 4 speaker drivers that deliver clear room-filling sound. It has an 8 hrs. built-in rechargeable battery and a built-in mic for phone/video calling conversations. Skipping a song, going back to a song, pausing/resuming all works by swiping a smart sensor placed on the front of the speaker. You can also connect two ShoqBox speakers together by swiping the sensors. Watch the video to see it in action:

The ShoqBox is also available in a shock and splash proof designBuy it here

From the makers of the awesome Academy Award nominated animation Caroline comes the new 3D stop-motion comedy thriller ParaNorman.

ParaNorman follows the story of Norman, a misunderstood little guy who is able to speak to the dead. When his small town comes under attack by zombies, they only have him to call. He’ll have to take on ghosts, witches and, worst, of all, grown-ups, to save his town from a centuries-old curse. Watch the trailer below:

One of our lucky readers will win a fun ParaNorman prize pack provided by Focus Features. The pack includes:

  • Adult T-Shirt
  • Backpack
  • Keychain
  • Notebook
  • Nightlight
  • Slippers
  • Toothbrush

To enter the giveaway, simply sign up using the form you see below. A winner will be chosen randomly, but you can increase your odds by earning more entries…

Visit ParaNorman’s website for fun games and free downloads:

Carved is a company specializing in wood iPhone, iPad and Kindle skins. The skins are hand-crafted from real wood, and are available as plain wood skins (different type of woods available), art engraved wood skins or custom designed wood skins.

The folks from Carved were kind enough to send in one of their iPhone skins for a review.

The skin I’m reviewing here is the Padauk wood skin for iPhone 4/4S. The skin comes in a nicely illustrated package showing John and Grant, founders of Carved, hand-crafting your wood skin. Fun package idea!

You’ll get a back skin and for an extra $5 you can add the front skin. They’re super easy to apply, just align the camera hole and you’ll be able to easily align the rest… same goes for the front skin. If you got it wrong, you can easily remove it and reposition it. The skin leaves no residue whatsoever. The cuts on the skins are perfectly cut so nothing on your iPhone will get blocked.

The wood skin gives the iPhone a really elegant look and feel. It has a nice texture to it, when you feel it you can tell it’s real wood. It is important to remember that this isn’t a case, it’s only a skin, so don’t expect it to be protective. It works for protecting the phone or tablet from scratches but it won’t protect it from bumps or falls, so you have to keep in mind that it is more of a decorative thing, as all iPhone skins are.

I’m quite happy with the back skin, but not so much with the front skin only because it lacks screen protection. I tried applying the skin on the screen protector I already had on the screen, but as I peeled the skin off to align it correctly, the protector peeled off with it. I think this is a problem with iPhone skins in general rather than Carved skins. Another thing I don’t like is, since the skin has a bit of a thickness to it, it tends to accumulate dust in the corners, which is a problem for a person like myself who has a bit of an OCD and continually wipes the screen. So I hope Carved would find a way to incorporate screen protection into the front skin somehow.

Apart from the front skin issue (which is probably my own issue), I absolutely love the look and feel this real wood skin adds to the iPhone.

You can check out Carved’s entire skins here:


Sounds of The City New York

Sounds of the City NY

Bespoken Art transforms audio sound waves into beautiful art. You can record an audio message and they’ll transform it into modern visual art! Their new pre-designed art includes ‘Sounds of The City’ which feature the sound waves of distinct sounds of your favorite cities. A great way to own a piece of a city you love! Buy it here