Bamboo Water Bottle
A stylish, eco-friendly and super cool water bottle to replace your dull plastic one. The bottle is constructed from glass interior bottle that is shielded with a bamboo layer. Press down the leak-proof BPA free plastic flip top to reveal a spout for easy sipping. The bottle can be used for hot drinks, as well.  Buy it here

Walls 360 creates on-demand, high quality wall graphics for artists, designers and brands from all over the world. Those are not your usual vinyl wall decals that are hard to apply and can only be used one time. Walls 360‘s wall graphics are re-positionable, very easy to apply and have a fabric feel to them so they don’t easily rip or break, and the colors on them don’t fade. Honestly, of all the wall graphics I’ve tried, Walls 360‘s are by far the best!

Walls 360‘s latest collaboration is with Moshi Monsters, a video game of virtual world of monsters that kids world wide are simply addicted to! In celebration of the launch of the Moshi Monsters wall graphics, our friends at Walls 360 are giving one lucky reader a set of Moshi Monsters wall graphics!


To enter the giveaway, simply enter your info in the PunchTab form below (It won’t be shared with anyone, promise!). The winner will be chosen randomly, but you can increase your odds by earning extra entries, so make sure you use those!

You can check out Moshi Monsters X Walls 360‘s sets here:

Also make sure you check out Walls 360‘s entire wall graphics collection, which includes some awesome video games graphics, pop culture graphics, vintage posters and much more!

Forget about all those list apps that are always missing something, write your lists down the old-school way. This chalkboard tablet is list-sized perfect to write down all sorts of daily lists. Each table is made from reclaimed oak, and comes with a chalk pencil. Buy it here

A stylish tray cleverly designed with comfort in mind. With two flat openings on the side, it allows you to rest your arms and comfortably eat your food. Available in different models and  three different finishes. Buy it here


Polar Ice Bucket
This fascinating ice bucket is chic and stylish. Featuring a polar bear on an ice float at the bottom, the inner wall simulates a rain cloud hanging over its icy little island. As the ice inside the bucket melts, rain drops will fall inside your polar bears habitat.
Buy it here

These elastic bookmarks make it easy for you to simply pull out a book from the shelf by pulling the top ring. You can also use the ring as a pen holder, or to hang the book on a hook, but only it’s a light book. $9 for a set of 4. Buy it here [via]

Make your drinks more refreshing and delicious with these filled ice balls. Use the 2-inch orbs to create ice balls filled with fruit, mint or anything you like. You can also create ice balls from juice. Comes in a set of 4, the orbs are BPA free, and have a top silicone seal so your ice balls won’t smell or catch flavors from left-over food in your freezer. Buy it here