A simple change to sticky notes makes them more useful and practical. With these translucent stickies, you can see and read through them, and scribble all your notes while keeping your book clean. $8.50 Buy it here

Bluelounge is a design company well-known for its innovative and smart products to keep your gadgets and digital lifestyle organized. You’ve seen two of their products (and my personal favorites) in this list of cool products to keep your office organized. Today, we’ve partnered up with Bluelounge to give our readers a chance to win a MiniDock, an innovative wall dock adapter that takes your iPhone or iPod off the floor (or whichever surface you leave it on) by docking it while it charges.



One lucky reader will be picked randomly to win this MiniDock (Open to U.S residents only). You can enter the giveaway by entering your info in the form below. You’ll be presented with ways you can follow to increase your chances to win, make sure to use those!

Fantastic Unplastic Tray

So you probably bake cookies way better than the ones from the store, or maybe not, but you’d like to fool people anyway? Then try serving them in this glass tray made to look just like the tray store-bought cookies come in. $24.99 Buy it here

The Happiness Project One Sentence Journal

People tend to complain a lot, everyday, and they forget about the little things that make them happy everyday. The Happiness Project 5-years  journal asks you to write down one sentence reflecting on what made you happy today. End result is a time capsule of happy moments of each day of the next five years of your life. Making this a daily ritual is a great way to make you realize you’re probably happier and luckier than you think. Buy it here

Totem Stackable Cups

Totem Stackable Cups

A set of stackable BPA-free plastic cups for use in the kitchen or bathroom. Each cup features three bumps round its edge to separate them a little when they’re stacked, and allows air flow to circulate and dry the cups faster. $14.99 Buy it here

Minesweeper Postcard

Remember Minesweeper? The addictive video game many of us used to play. Well, you can play it now in a much simpler form on a scratch card! The game comes as a postcard, and is available in two levels, easy and hard. If you know someone who has been missing the simpler days of video games, they will sure love to see one of these in their mailboxes. $2 Buy it here