Books shaped bookends connected with a light. The idea came to designer Roderick Vos as he was looking at his library thinking a small light would showcase the books better and help the reader, and Mr. Ed bookends do just that. €142/$188 Buy it here

This little book features collaborative tiny stories and artwork from writers and artists from around the world, all curated and edited by Golden Globe nominated actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who happened to be the founder of HitRECord. Each story is only a few lines long, but you’ll find them to be funny, clever and very enjoyable.  Buy it here

Soup and crackers have always been besties, but never in the same place. With this hand made bowl, you don’t have to juggle your soup and crackers anymore, they’re all right there in one convenient bowl. $22 Buy it here

For those uninspired days, playing with these blocks will definitely boost your creativity levels. These 25 hand painted blocks can be put together to create thousands of different faces. How many faces will you be able to make? €39/$51 Buy it here


Arrange these colorful numbered wooden disks in any way  you like to create your own unique wall clock. Definitely a fun concept, though the price on it is not as fun. $345 Buy it here

It’s just like your regular teabag, only better. This tea infuser would work the same as the tea bag, simply fill it with your favorite loose tea and place it in your cup. Afterwards, it can be easily cleaned and used again. $25 Buy it here