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PillPack: Automatic Prescription and Medication Management

You might find this product to be different than our usual features. But you’ll find out why we have a pharmacy service on HolyCool in a second, and if you’re someone who needs prescriptions regularly filled, you’ll want to pay attention.

PillPack.com is a new cool, ultra-modern online pharmacy that will change how you fill your prescriptions forever! Why is it cool? Let’s see…

  • You’ll never have to wait in a long queue to fill out a prescription ever again. PillPack will deliver all your meds to your doorstep, without any shipping costs!
  • You’ll never run out of meds again. All your prescriptions will be filled and delivered to you exactly when you need them.
  • PillPack will call and coordinate with your Doctor and insurance. Everything will be organized and ready for you.
  • On-Demand care team. Pharmacists will be available to answer your questions or help you 24/7.
  • Beautiful and simplified pill packaging makes it a lot easier to carry and take your medication.

PillPack Packet
PillPack Dispenser
Your pills will be organized in personalized packets. Each packet is labelled with the time of the medication, pill names and the doses. This way, you’ll always take the right medication at the right time. Your PillPacks come in a recyclable dispenser that allows you to easily tear off your med packets.

How much does a service that saves you so much time and trouble cost? Only $20 per month!

Want to give it a try? We’ve got a coupon code for you to try it for FREE! Just sign up using the link below and make sure to include the code:

Sign up for PillPack and use promo code 1FREE and get a free month worth $20!


PillPack is a service that combines the power of technology and beauty of design to help you have a much better life. We truly believe that PillPack will have a great impact of many people that find it hard to manage their prescriptions. And that’s why PillPack is so Holy Cool!

Know someone who has to too many prescriptions to manage? Pass this on to them and help them simply their lives!

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