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Recoil Automatic Cord Winders

Recoil Autmoatic Cord Winder Recoil Autmoatic Cord Winder_
These days, we all pretty¬† much live in a pile of tangled cords of chargers, sync cables, headphones… etc. Thanks to the Recoil automatic cord winder, organizing that mess is a lot easier than you think. It’s quick, easy and works like magic!

Recoil Autmoatic Cord Winder_Set
Available in 3 sizes, the Recoil cord winder will take care of most of cables, whether it’s your laptop’s charger, phone charger or sync cable, headphones, or even gaming console cables. Its retractable mechanism winds the entire cord in seconds and hides it inside the unit, leaving all your cords organized, hidden and much easier to carry around.

See the winder in action and short review of it in this video:

You can get your Recoil automatic winder for $9.99 per unit or get a combo pack for $27.99 which also includes 3 units, one of each size, and a handy storage rack. Buy Now

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