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School of Thought Notebooks: The Pessimists

School of Thought Notebooks- The PessimistsSchool of Thought Notebooks- The PessimistsSchool of Thought Notebooks- The Pessimists
There’s so much emphasis on being optimistic all the time, although it’s only natural to experience pessimism every now and then. This collection of notebooks celebrates the Pessimist, each of the three notebooks includes an introduction to a famous pessimistic thinker from history with their name on the cover.

The Pessimists remind us that what ultimately plunges us into sadness and anger isn’t disappointment, but hope. They therefore counsel us to get sad before life dashes our hopes at a moment of its own choosing. Reading these pessimists isn’t actually a gloomy exercise. We frequently burst out laughing, laughter that comes from a pent-up pressure we may sometimes feel to be inanely cheerful. At last, here are people who allow us to give full vent to our darkness and spleen, people who reassuringly inform us that life is fundamentally rather than incidentally miserable.”

The set includes 3 paper-bound notebooks with plain, grid and line papers. Buy it here [via]

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