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SigniCASE Natural Amplifier for iPhone 4/4S [Review + Discount Code]

SigniCase is a company specialized in creating all-natural wood cases for iPhones, iPods, iPads and Galaxy Note and S3. Those wood cases are available as plain or engraved with designs, either pre-made or you can make your own design.

I’ll be reviewing two products from SigniCase. In this post, I’ll review their Natural iPhone Amplifier, and in a following post I’ll review the M9 Camera iPhone 4/4S Case.

The all-natural bamboo amplifier is great for anyone who is looking to get a better sound out of their iPhone speakers without having to use expensive speakers or anything that requires an outlet. It amplifies sound naturally using the hollow space inside the bamboo block… all you have to do is place your iPhone, start the music and turn up the volume.

The amplifier works as promised, it really brings out a greater sound than the iPhone’s speakers. Of course, you shouldn’t expect majorly louder sound, but a much better sound than what your iPhone alone produces. And when you’re not using it to amplify sound, it works as a great iPhone stand. It holds the iPhone with or without a case, and you get access to the home button so you can use your phone freely.


The SigniCase amplifier is available in Walnut wood or Bamboo. It is also available in few engraved designs.

Thinking about getting one? You’ll be happy to know we have a discount code for you. Enter code btks12 at checkout and you’ll get $10 off your purchase! This discount is valid for the first 100 orders.. so act fast!  Visit www.SigniCASE.com to see all their products.

Natural Amplifier for iPhone 4/4S – $19.99 Buy it here

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