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Sole Socks: The Simple Sock Alternative

Sole_Socks Sole Socks Sole Socks Layers
It’s time to kiss your socks good-bye! No more sock laundry, no more looking for that lost sock and no more wearing socks with holes in them. Sole Socks is a custom insole that replaces your socks. It absorbs moisture and odor, keeps your feet cool and your shoes smelling fresh. Sole Sock is made from three layers:

  • breathable grip on the bottom that keeps the insole in place,
  • a durable stitch that connects the material together
  • and the top material that works on absorbing any sweat, moisture and odor.

It is machine washable, can be used with any type of shoes and they take minimal storage space.

And here’s an added benefit; if you’ve ever tried to pull the sock-less look off, Sole Socks is the perfect solution. Unlike thin socks that still show above the shoe line, Sole Socks give you the full benefits of a traditional sock without showing at all.

Sole Socks is available for pre-order on Kickstarter.com. You can get your Sole Socks for only $8. Buy it here

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