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Sonomad: Truly Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sonomad Speaker Sonomad_Plage Sonomad Speaker_ Sonomad_3
Bluetooth speakers make an excellent choice for anyone looking for a portable speaker that allows them to enjoy music anywhere, but these speakers don’t come without problems; first, the battery usually doesn’t last long enough, which defies the purpose of its portability.  And second, if connected to your phone, you have to carry both the speakers and phone around separately…

The Sonomad Bluetooth Speaker takes care of these two issues. It is a truly portable speaker that gives you 20 hours of nonstop music at a stereo high-end audio quality. It is also the only Bluetooth speaker with a universal safe Dock that is compatible with almost any smartphone out there.

Other features the Sonomad include:

  • A retractable handle and a shoulder strap for easy carrying.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Recharges your smartphone through a USB connector.
  • Ability to connect several Sonomad units together for a bigger sound.
  • Battery status indicator (4 LED colors)
  • Fully designed and made in France.

You can pre-order your Sonomad speakers starting at $339 on IndieGoGo.com today. Buy it here

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