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Spigen Apple Watch Stand and Protective Case

Spigen Apple Watch StandSpigen Apple Watch Stand_03
Ordered your Apple Watch yet? It’s time to splurge on some accessories to go with your beautiful watch! They’re called accessories but they’re more of a must-have for anyone who wants to get a better experience and keep their watch safe. First up, we’ve got the Spigen aluminum Apple watch stand which holds your watch at comfortable viewing angle while it charges. The sleek aluminum stand is very sturdy and keeps your watch in place, while the TPU dock makes sure the watch remains scratch-free.

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Spigen Apple Watch Case
Spigen has also created a line of Apple Watch Cases, made of flexible TPU and features a metalized button for solid feedback. The case protects the screen from any possible scratches and bumps. Available in many colors: black, white, gold, orange, metal and more. It’s also available as flexible or hard TPU.

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