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Spigen Ultra Hybrid Air Cushioned iPhone5/5s Case + Graphic Skins

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Air Cushioned iPhone5_5s Case
Another excellent choice from Spigen, this case is perfect either for someone how is looking for a minimal look yet tough protection, or someone who wants to easily customize and always change the design of their case. The Ultra Hybrid case, just like the Spigen Tough Armor, features air cushions that protect your iPhone against accidental drops without adding any bulk or weight to the case. You can leave it on as a clear case for a minimal look, or you can use one of Spigen’s design graphics, which are designed to match iOS 7’s default wallpapers. Buy it here

Graphic Skins:

Spigen Graphic Skins Spigen Graphic Skins_Dynamic Spigen Graphic Skins Cosmos
Each pack of these includes 4 graphic skins that will match a set of wallpapers already available on iOS7. Buy it here

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