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Sprng Clips for Apple Earpods

SPRNG ClipSprng-LimeSPRNG Clips Colors
If you own the newer generations of iPhones or iPods then you’ve tried Apple’s earpods, the supposedly “revolutionary” earphones that should fit almost all different shapes of ears. While the Earpods do produce a good sound, they lack when it comes to the perfect fit part. That’s where an accessory like Sprng clip comes in quite handy! It’s a small plastic attachment that does what the Earpods failed to do, they make them fit perfectly.

So, how does it fit? The Sprng clip has a soft tipped end that keeps the Earpods in place without adding any pressure. You get the custom fit by simply sliding the clip up or down the stem of the Earpod until you’ve got that comfortable fit. It’s a rather simple yet brilliant solution!

Sprng clips are available in four colors: grey, blue, pink and lime. And that perfect Earpod fit will cost you only $10. Buy it here

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