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StrongVolt Smart Charger

StrongVolt Smart Charger StrongVolt Smart Charger StrongVolt Charger
Anyone into outdoor activities probably knows these two things:

  • Phones and gadgets run out of battery rather quickly and will always fail you when you need them.
  • If a solar charger is your choice of portable charger, then you know they can be trouble when direct sunlight is blocked and they’re not compatible with all devices, especially iDevices.

Lucky for you, there’s a new SMART solar charger in town. StrongVolt solves both of these problems:

  • It is fully compatible with iDevices, Android devices and tablets as well as other USB devices.
  • While other solar chargers require your to unplug and plug your device again if passed by a shade, StrongVolt’s SunTrack technology auto-connects your device as soon as it’s under sunlight again.

The charger’s LED red and green light indicators let you know right away if the charger is powered enough to run or if you need more sunlight, so no more guess-work!

StrongVolt is available in many power options starting at 3W which is perfect for small handheld devices and up to 18W for anyone who’s looking for maximum power. You can pre-order your StrongVolt smart charger on Kickstarter.com starting at only $25. Buy it here

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