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Nothing will improve your mood better than a magical plant in a cute Unicorn planter. Perfect for cacti and succulents, the planter features four drainage holes in the base to prevent overwatering. Buy it here

The Heated Huggable Yeti is the absolute antithesis of what legend would have you believe. Rather than a formidable giant, after just a minute in the microwave this little fella stays toasty for hours and is more than happy to share its warmth with you on those frosty, lonesome nights.Buy it here


Made of matt black ceramic and with a handle shaped like a curled tail, this adorable Cheeky Cat mug has more to it. As soon as you add hot liquid, you’ll notice the cat’s cheek change color. Just the amount of cute you need to start a nice day! Buy it here

flamingo-umbrella flamingo-umbrella_
Shelter from tropical weather conditions beneath the generous and welcoming wingspan of the Flamingo Umbrella. Rather than leaning precariously, getting rain water all over your walls, this fabulous free-standing flamingo has a three-taloned base so it won’t topple over.Buy Now


A great way to keep your feet warm whether you’re sitting at your desk or on the sofa watching your favorite TV, the Wild Foot Warmer is your favorite companion. Available in a Bear or Rabbit design, made of Cotton 75%, 25% Polyester and fits up to a UK size 10. Buy Now


Your Christmas tree can look extra special with this Emoji shatterproof bauble. Available in Heart Eyes or Classic Smile design, the Emoji Baubles will add more cheer to your holiday decorations. Buy Now


You’ve never seen portable speakers this cute, that’s for sure. The Might Animal speakers are pocket-sized, making them truly portable. But don’t let their size fool you, they actually offer powerful sound. The speaker connects to any Bluetooth enabled device and can blast music for up to 4 hours. And if that’s not enough, these little creatures also have these features: built-in mic for taking and making calls, and it works as a shutter remote for taking photos from afar. Buy it here

Emoji Mugs Emoji Mugs Zz

You don’t have to speak to anyone anymore, you can just let your Emoji mug do the talking for you. Available in 3 classic Emojis: Hearts, Sleeping or Winking. Buy it here

Brick Yourself Framed Personalized Lego
Create your own personal brick figure art with Firebox. All you have to do is upload your photo, include a few facts about yourself: hobbies or facts, and add a personal quote to add to your artwork. What you’ll get is a mini figure of you in a framed artwork, ready for you to hand and proudly display.Buy it here

Fruit Pouffes
These freshly-picked Fruit Pouffes have been genetically modified for your pleasure – just look at the size of them! They’re machine-washable and made from a water-repellent material so they’re absolutely perfect for outdoor use. Just inflate the internal bag, slip on the zip-up cover and get ready to park your derriere or put your feet up. ” Buy it here

Enchanted Light-Up Unicorn Slippers
These Enchanted Light-Up Unicorn Slippers are endowed with protruding gold horns, miniature splayed hooves and vibrant fluffy manes, but that’s not all… Everyone knows that Unicorns are delicate and sensitive creatures; well this particular pair are motion sensitive, and their chubby cheeks blush with a whole rainbow of colours as you trot around the house.” Buy it here

hatching-dinosaur-candleHatching Dinosaur Candle
As the wax egg melts away it slowly reveals the world’s favourite prehistoric carnivore – a darling baby velociraptor. Not your average porcelain ornament, this triassic treasure is sure to add a little life to your gaff.Buy it here

Solar System Lollipops
Stunning pack of handmade lollipops, each representing a planet of the Solar system. Flavours are: Sun (marshmallow), Mercury (tropical punch), Venus (cherry), Earth (cotton candy), Mars (pear), Jupiter (key lime), Saturn (guava), Uranus (blackberry), Neptune (mango) and Pluto (strawberry/kiwi). Buy it here

Question Block Light
Instead of floating mid-air, this pixelated beauty sits proudly upon your bedside table or office desk. There’s no need to leap up and punch it from beneath, just give it a light press from above to turn it on and bathe in its wondrous Nintendo nostalgia.Buy it here

Emoji Chargers Emoji Chargers 1 Emoji Chargers 2
Emojis come to save you when you have no words to say, with these chargers, your favorite emoji will save you when your phone is about to die! These awesome portable chargers, available in different Emoji, give you 2600mAh battery charges, which translates to about one full charge and a half. It includes a micro-USB cable for charging the portable battery itself and can be used to charge your smartphone, but if you have an iOS device, you’ll have to bring your own lighting cable. Buy it here