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Question Block Light
Instead of floating mid-air, this pixelated beauty sits proudly upon your bedside table or office desk. There’s no need to leap up and punch it from beneath, just give it a light press from above to turn it on and bathe in its wondrous Nintendo nostalgia.Buy it here

Emoji Chargers Emoji Chargers 1 Emoji Chargers 2
Emojis come to save you when you have no words to say, with these chargers, your favorite emoji will save you when your phone is about to die! These awesome portable chargers, available in different Emoji, give you 2600mAh battery charges, which translates to about one full charge and a half. It includes a micro-USB cable for charging the portable battery itself and can be used to charge your smartphone, but if you have an iOS device, you’ll have to bring your own lighting cable. Buy it here

Dino LampsDino Lamp
Light up your living or work space with one of these glowing prehistoric creatures. Available in three breeds (T-Rex, Triceratops and Diplodocus), the lamps feature energy efficient LED bulbs that will provide you with a nice glow. Buy it here

Peropon Drinking Animal Planter
These adorable mini planters are everything you  need to grow little plants with almost no work on your part. The ceramic planters slurp water through their tongues to feed the plants, so you’ll enjoy their companionship, the nice smell of plants and all you have to do in return is fill up the water bowl once in while. Choose from: Cat – Wild Strawberry, Dog – Clover, Frog – Mint, Panda – Basil. Buy it here

Cat Nap Cushions
Taking a quick nap on your desk? Let the Cat Nap Cushion make it a good nap. The plush cushion gives your head a nice place to rest, with a special slot that allows you to wear it on your hands, arm or elbow. Available in 3 colors. Buy it here

Heated Huggable Unicorn
Utterly adorable Unicorn to keep you warm and fuzzy. With beans inside it, as magical as the Unicorn itself, heat it up in the microwave and it will stay toasty  for hours. It also has a beautiful Lavender scent to make your cuddles with the Unicorn even more special. Buy it here

Stay Puft Candle
a detailed replica of the Stay Puft Marshmallow man complete with his sailor hat and collar. Light him up and watch him slowly melt, and guess what the Marshmallow Man smells like when burning? You guessed it, he has a yummy marshmallow scent! Buy it here

AeroSkull Nano Bluetooth Speaker
The coolest looking portable speaker, hands down. AeroSkull is not only cool looking, but it’s also the loudest, with powerful hi-def sound. The rechargeable speaker gives you up to 8 hours of playtime, and can be recharged via any USB port. It is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device, or can be connected via a 3.5mm audio jack. AeroSkull is available in matte black, red, chrome and gold. Buy it here

Christmas Jumper Mug
As you start to wrap up in festive Christmas jumpers, and enjoy the warmth of your favorite hot beverage, you’ll want a mug that’s just as high in Christmas spirit as you! This mug comes wrapped in its own Christmas jumper not only to look the part, but also to keep your hand from burning and to keep your drinks warmer. Buy it here

Bear Hug Pillows Panda Hug Pillow Bear Hug Pillow
Meet your new squishy companion! These utterly comfortable and squeezable pillows are perfect for a quick nap or a long sound sleep. Available as a friendly Grizzly bear or a super cute Panda. Buy it here

Parrot Airborne Night Drone
Don’t let darkness stop you from having fun with your Drone. Parrot’s Airborne Night Drone is equipped with powerful LED lights that illuminate your way while flying your drone at night. These lights, which are controlled by the app, also allow you to explore dim and hidden areas using the combination of light and the built-in vertical camera in your drone. All this is in addition to cool Parrot drone features of high speed, 180-degree turns, 1GB flash drive for storing aerial shots and much more. Buy it here

R2D2 Desk Vacuum
If you enjoy a cookie with your cup of coffee or tea at your workstation, then crumbs on your desk are inevitable. This USB powered R2D2 will make sure your desk is crumb and dirt free. When he’s all full, you can unscrew the top of his head to empty the dust. Buy it here

Warp Pipe Mug
The Warp Pipe Mug transforms you to another world as you sip your favorite hot drink. Sit back, relax and let this Iconic warp pipe take you to the next level. Buy it here

Scrabble Lights Scrabble Lights_12
This set includes 10 Scrabble tile lights and 60 reusable letter stickers that you can use to create your own words. Light up a witty comment, a greeting or a nice message to impress your guests with. Buy Now