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Let this cylindrical candle light the way into achieving your own legendary goals, with its powerful and inspiring print as a guide! An illustrated representation of Frida Kahlo herself bedecks the front of this fab torch, as its opposite side holds a mantra of strength, creativity, and brilliance.” Also available in Jane Austen or Billie Holiday. Buy it here

Get cozy with this cuddly unicorn pillow for a darling day of reading and relaxing! Whether you favor fanciful creatures or want a sweet accent for your room, this blue-and-pink rotund companion offers unconditional adorableness every time you walk through the door.Buy it here

Those bangles, that necklace, or, how about your favorite pair of earrings? Whichever you pick, pull it from this golden jewelry stand! Connected with a magnet so you can easily access your baubles, this giraffe-shaped stand makes choosing your fave accessory easy.Buy it here

Getting up is your own responsibility, but getting going is something this pink mug can help with! Starring bubble letters describing how its contents will have you falling in love with the a.m., this ceramic cup is a crucial part of your morning routine.Buy it here

Thank your friends for being so lovely by gathering them around this adorable teacup set for a gourmet fete! Garnished with golden trim and matching handles, this boxed set features six heart-shaped mugs and matching saucers in a superbly posh pink hue.Buy it here

Snuggle up with this adorable and fluffy piece of s’more! No one will be able to resist cuddling the squishy and cute pillow that is as comforting as a real piece of s’more. Buy it here


This quirky candle is mixed so that notes of coconut, vanilla, and exotic musk can be detected as it burns. Made with a unique blend of apricot, coconut & soy waxes, and outfitted with a wooden wick, this vegan candle is an important sight in your residence’s perfect portrait.Buy Now


Shaped into the head of a familiar mythical creature and joined by a rainbow of colored pencils contained within, this white desk accessory from Kikkerland will have you finishing a fresh work in no time.Buy Now

Great Hare Day Vase
Every morning you awake to this rabbit vase beside your bed, you know you’re off to an excellent start! With space in its ears for two bouquets, this white ceramic bust gets you hopping around your flat, inspired to make today awesome for ‘every-bunny!’” Buy it here

Rainbow Road Trip Cooler Bag
Sun’s out, ‘fun’s’ out with this white cooler bag in tow! Igniting the brightest vibes with its neon rainbow print and unique half-circle shape, this insulated tote is a ‘zeal’ winnerBuy it here