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Tag: Perpetual Kid

Pac-Man Arcade Screen Wall Decal

Turn your wall into a screenshot of the most successful coin operated game ever made, Pac-Man! This set of wall decal include everything you need to create a winning Pac-Man game:

  • 1 39 inch x 50 inch arcade screen
  • 1 5 inch Pac-Man
  • 5 2.25 inch Pac-Man
  • 12 2.5 inch ghost
  • 16 Ghost eyes
  • 190 Various sized dot cover-ups
  • 2 Various sized arcade console decals
  • 28 Various sized game play decals.

The decals are made with Blik’s Re-Stik so they can be rearranged at anytime without damaging the wall or losing its adhesiveness.

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Slow Brew Sloth Tea Infuser
We can learn a thing or two from sloths, there’s nothing wrong with lazing around and taking things slow every now and then. No wonder they’re smiling all the time! This cute Sloth infuser reminds you of just that; take things easy, enjoy a slow brew of tea with your new best friend, the sloth, hanging on your cup. Buy Now

Shortest Break EVER Mug
Know someone who likes to take their sweet time over a coffee break at work? Serve them coffee in this mug which looks like a full size mug but only holds 3 oz. Watch them flip as they finish the drink in 2 or 3 sips only to find a message telling them to get back to work, and you’ll certainly get your big laugh for the day! Buy Now

Gamer Pillow
Add this squishy micro bean pillow to your gamer’s pad. Measures at 18 inches wide x 14 inches tall with full color print on both sides, it’s the perfect thing to relax on while you play. Buy Now

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Grumpy Cat Valentine Glitter Bomb
Express your love for someone in a way that they’ll never forget, really, even if they wanted to! This Grumpy Cat Valentine’s card doesn’t only feature cutesy illustration and funny cat talk on it, it’s also a glitter bomb waiting to happen. The envelope is loaded with so much glitter that will explode as soon as they open they open it, and will remain on their face, clothes, floor and everything around them, possibly forever. We told you, it’s unforgettable. Buy Now

Washing Machine Shower Curtain
After a long hard day, don’t you sometimes wish you could just throw yourself in a washing machine and push a button to get all cleaned up automatically? Well, that can’t happen just yet, but this washing machine shower curtain is definitely a step forward to realizing that dream. Buy Now

Hot Spot Heat Sensitive Mug
Home is where the WiFi connects automatically, it’s also where there’s lots of coffee to enjoy. The initially blank WiFi sign on this heat sensitive mug starts to fill up bar by bar as you fill it up with your favorite hot beverage; coffee, tea, hot chocolate.. you name it. Once those bars are full, you know you’re at the Hot Spot. Buy Now


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Potato chips go very well with a nice cold drink, and a coaster is essentially required with that cold drink. Mash them together and you’ve got this awesome can of Potato Chip Coasters. Buy Now

Do you carry a lot of junk around in your bag? Does it feel like you’re carrying a junk drawer with you? Well, that’s the exact inspiration behind this pouch, which has a photographic print of a junk drawer on it, so you can literally carry a junk drawer around.
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