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Tag: Perpetual Kid

Tea Buttons
These fun little reusable buttons attach to any mug to help keep your tea bag firmly in place. You get 6 silicone buttons in each set, enough to keep the tea lover (and a few of their friends!) happy. Buy Now

Housecat Party Coaster Set
This coaster set is topped with photos of kitties that are all dressed up and ready to party. The non-slip coasters will protect your tabletop while the kitties provide smiles to your guests. Buy Now

Bag of Coffee Beans Soap
Coffee lovers would agree, there’s no harm in adding more coffee to your life. This time, coffee comes in the form of a soap, coffee bean shaped soap that simply smells fantastic. $9.99 Buy Now

Chillballs is an alternative way of chilling your drinks and keep them cool for a longer time without diluting them. The Chillballs set includes clips (long and short) that cling on the edge of your glass to keep the Chillball from moving around and to serve them easily. Even better, they’re stain and odor resistant, so unlike ice, you’ll never end up tasting something weird in your drink. $19.99 Buy it here

Tough Cookies Cutter
For all the tough cookies out there, these tattoo shaped cookies will be your new favorite thing! Instead of a regular plain cookie, or a cutesy heart or flower shaped one, these cutters give you classic tattoo designs like a heart+dagger, swallow, rose and anchor. Each set includes 4 cutters. $11.99 Buy it here

Tree Wall Decal with Hooks:
Tree w/ Hooks Wall Sticker
This set combines a beautiful tree decal with 2 hooks that you can position anywhere. The final result will look like whatever you’re hanging on the hook is hanging off a tree branch. $67 [Buy it here]

Screw Wall Hooks:
Screw Wall Hooks
A set of 3 oversized screws that will look quite humorous on any wall. $48 [Buy it here]

Hide and Seek Squirrel Hooks:
Hide and Seek Squirrel Wall Hooks
A set of 2 squirrel shaped hooks full of lifelike details. One of the squirrels looks like he’s peeking out of the wall while the other looks for him. [Buy it here]

The Mortise Collection: Door Knob Wall Hooks:
Vintage Door Knob Hooks
A set of 3 wall hooks inspired by classic door knobs. Each set includes 3 hooks of different door knob styles that will complement any decor. [Buy it here]

‘High Tea’ Teapot Wall Hooks:
High Tea Teapot Wall Hooks
A set of 2 ceramic wall hooks moulded after traditional Moroccan teapots. Any tea lover would appreciate the presence of these wall hooks in their home! [Buy it here]

Ready for Takeoff Wall Hooks:
Ready for Takeoff Wall Hooks
This set of 4 bird cage hooks will add instant charm to your room. Each set includes 4 colors: red, orange, blue and green. [Buy it here]

Skyline Wall-Mount Multi-Hook:
Skyline Wall-Mount Multi-Hook
Add a skyline scenery right on your wall. This wall hook was designed to add what your window is missing, a skyline view, although a modest one. It features 5 flip-down hooks that you can flip back up when not in use. [Buy it here]

Woodpecker 5-Hook Wall-Mount Hook:

Woodpecker 5-Hook Wall-Mount Hook
Not only is this wall hook cute, but quite functional. The rocking hooks (the birds) give you two ways to hang your items, either over the hook or through the loop, or even both ways to double the capacity of what it can hold! [Buy it here]

Ninja Coat Hooks:
Spinning Hat Ninja Coat Hook
The Ninja coat hook adds a nice punch to a home decor. The ninja throwing star screws into the wall, and although it looks sharp, the edges are smooth and will not harm your coat/accessories. [Buy it here]

Dart Coat Hooks:
Dart Coat Hooks
Another set of bad-ass hooks. These dart hooks are cool and quite sturdy. Sold in a set of 3. [Buy it here]

Here’s a set of cookie cutters that allows you to come up with the next best gingerbread man cookie! These cutters include a base body cutter and a set of different adjustable arm and leg cutters that you can use to create different poses for each cookie. The set includes 13 pieces, so you and your kids can let your imagination run wild. $14.49 Buy it here

Titanic Gravy Boat
Hit this Titanic gravy boat with an iceberg of mashed potatoes. The result will be a delicious disaster where no one gets hurts. Made of ceramic, holds up to 16oz. $59.99 Buy it here

Looking for stocking stuffer ideas that will make Christmas morning more fun? Here are some suggestions that will guarantee a smile and a laugh, all for under $10.


Classic Rock Album Coasters – Buy it here


Teatanic Tea Infuser – Buy it here [More funny tea infusers here].


Ballets Shoe Socks – Buy it here


iStuck Phone Holder – Buy it here


Index Fingers Stickies – Buy it here


Popsicle Key Caps – Buy it here [More cool key caps here]


Creative Outlet Stickers – Buy it here


Twirled Spinning Top Crayons – Buy it here


Crustache Mustache Crust Cutter – Buy it here [ More cool crust cutters here]


I Love You Bean Kit – Buy it here

Emoticon Keyboard Stickers

This set of keyboard stickers will add fun and silly emoticons to your rather boring and plain keyboard. The stickers will add much needed new buttons to your keyboard like: End Day, Nap Time, Terminate, PRESS IN EMERGENCY as well as many Emoticons that express how you feel through out the day. Suitable for Mac and PC keyboards. $5.99 Buy it here

Frosted Donut Scented Pencils
If you have the habit of chewing on your pencils, the yummy smell of freshly baked and frosted donuts coming out of these pencils might make you chew on them even more. We’re not saying they taste any good, they don’t. But the smell won’t disappoint! And if you scratch them, you should get a burst of additional smell. Pair them with a coffee scented pen for some added yumminess. $5.99 Buy it here