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Tag: Perpetual Kid

Star Wars Boba Fett Bathrobe
Any Star Wars fanatic will be happy to be one of their favorite characters in their off time, Boba Fett in this case. The robe features all details that will make you feel like a true Boba Fett, armor details in the front and a jet pack on the back (printed jet pack, just until actual ones can be added to bathrobes), and of course two front pockets for all your snacks, remote controls and any other necessary gadgets. Also available as other Star Wars characters. $75.99 Buy it here

Poppin Hot Oven Mitt
This bubble wrap oven mitt will keep your hand very well packaged when you pop something into the oven. Of course, it’s not made of real bubble wrap, so don’t worry about popping the bubbles, although it’d be quite tempting to give it a try. $17 Buy it here

Retro Adding Machine Calculator and Mouspad
Before it was known as a calculator, it was the Adding Machine, a mechanical form of today’s calculator. With retro looks and today’s advanced technology, this adding machine magically adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides number, and it doubles as a mousepad. It’s also solar-powered so you never have to worry about it running out of power. $9.99 Buy it here

Muffin Top Cupcake Molds
This is hilarious because it looks quite familiar, doesn’t it? Fill these jeans shaped cupcake molds with your favorite cake batter and watch the cake overflow on the waistline. Set of 4. $12.99 Buy it here

Rainbow Jelly Mold
Yes, you can now eat rainbows, and it’s very yummy! Using the rainbow mold, you can easily create a colorful Jello treat. Add a scoop or two of ice cream to add some fluffy clouds to your rainbow! $12.99 Buy it here

Manatea Infuser
This cute little Manatee (also known as a sea cow) wants to relax in your cup and help you infuse the perfect tea for the perfect relaxing time. His perforated body infuses your favorite loose tea while his bent hands keep his smiling face peeking out of the mug. $9.99 Buy it here

Teatanic Tea Infuser
Teatanic Tea Infuser
The ship is sinking yet again, this time in your tea cup! Fill the Teatanic with your favorite loose tea and let it sink into your cup. The result won’t be disastrous this time, but rather delicious. $9.99 Buy it here