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Plush Kitten Bouquet Plush Kitten Bouquet
Forget about flowers that will wither and die in a matter of days, this bouquet of Kittens will last you a lifetime. The Kitten Bouquet includes 9 “longstem” cats: 3 orange tabby, 3 grey tabby, and 3 white, that’s plenty of snuggles. And if you prefer, get a bouquet of Unicorns instead. Buy Now

Laughing Buddha Ice Mold Laughing Buddha Ice Mold_
This silicone ice tray makes you 4 laughing Buddha ice cubes to chill your drink and put a smile on your face. Although it’s made for ice, the silicone tray can be used pretty much for any liquid you want to turn into a laughing Buddha: chocolate, jello or maybe to create your own candle or soap! Buy Now

iPrank Cracked Screen Sticker Pack
Want to give someone a quick heart attack? This pack of screen protectors makes it look like an iPhone or iPad has been dropped and shattered enough to make someone cry. The pack includes 6 stickers for iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPhone 4/4S and iPad Air so none of your friends gets left behind. Buy Now

Whether you’re heading for school or work, never leave your geeky self behind. If you’re a fan of geeky shows or happened to have a geeky sense of humor, you’ll definitely find one of these cool lunchboxes perfect for you.

Star Wars R2-D2 Lunch Bag with Sound and Light:
R2D2 Star Wars Lunch Box

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Doctor Who TARDIS Tin Lunch Box:
Doctor Who Lunch Bag
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Organ Transport Lunch Cooler:
Human Organ Lunch Bag
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Ammo Lunch box:
Ammo Lunch
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Periodic Lunch Bag:
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Portal 2 Companion Cube Tin Lunch Box:
Portal 2 Companion Cube Lunchbox
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Think Geek 15th Birthday
It’s hard to believe, but the awesome ThinkGeek.com has been around for 15 years! To celebrate, we have two amazing promotions to share:


Get whatever your heart pleases and receive 20% OFF your purchase at check-out (no minimum order required). The discount can be applied to any product on the site, so go crazy! Discount code is BIRFDAY and it’s valid until Tuesday 8/12 11:59PM ET.


Any order of $19.99 and more will get a FREE  ThinkGeek Anniversary tee (while supply lasts). Use code EPIC15 at checkout.

Not sure what to buy? Make sure to visit our special ThinkGeek page for our favorite products.

Happy shopping!