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Top 5 Gifts For Pac-Man Fans

Today, Friday 22nd, Pac-Man turns 35! In celebration, we’re featuring the top 5 Pac-Man gifts that have been popular on HolyCool. You can see more Pac-Man gifts by visiting our Retro Video Game Inspired Gifts page.
Pac-Man Heat Change Mug
Pac-Man Heat Changing Mug: Watch a game of Pac-Man appear on the mug as soon as you pour in hot liquid into it. Buy Now

PacMan USB Ghost Lamp
Pac-Man USB Ghost Lamp: Shaped like a Pac-Man ghost, this USB light operates on two modes: the On mode which changes the ghost light into 16 colors. The Second mode is Party mode which makes the lamp sensitive to sound, so turn the music up and watch the colors react to the beat! Buy Now

PacMan Cookie Cutters
Pac-Man Cookie Cutters: This pack of cutters include 1 Pac Man and 3 Ghosts perfect for cookies or creating cake decorations. Buy Now

Pac Man Throw Blanket
Pac-Man Throw Blanket: Let Pac-Man help you stay warm, this throw fleece blanket features the entire screen of a Pac-Man game. Buy Now

Paladone Pac-Man Alarm Clock
Pac-Man Alarm Clock: Featuring the one and only Pac-Man, this alarm clock adds a retro feel to your bedside. It also features sounds from the game. Buy Now

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