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UnderRepped Clothing

Adolph Rickenbacker Victoria Woodhull Nikola Tesla

UnderRepped is a brand that celebrates the unappreciated people behind inventions and ideas that are now essential parts of our daily life. You’ve probably never heard of Adolph Rickenbacker (inventor of amplifiable electric guitar – the original rock star!), Victoria Woodhull – The first women to run for US presidency in 1872, or Nikola Tesla – inventor, engineer, and physicist known for his contributions in designing modern day AC electrical systems. Those people deserve to be talked about and represented as much as our current athletes, musicians and celebrities, and that’s exactly what UnderRepped is all about. The brand is yet to launch and needs your help with funding. If you have an underrepped hero you’d like to celebrate and see on a T-shirt, you can do so by pre-ordering a tee on Kickstarter and help launch UnderRepped. Buy it here

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