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Walli The Smart Wallet

Walli Smart Wallet
The idea of a smart wallet isn’t entirely new, there are a few ones out there that will connect to your phone to notify you when you’ve left it behind, but that’s all they do. Walli packs a lot of additional features that makes it truly smart:

  • Bluetooth enabled wallet that notifies you when you’ve left it behind.
  • Special ‘SecurePockets’ actually know what’s in your pocket and senses when you’ve left it out for too long. It will then notify you that something is missing from a pocket.
  • Find Phone feature allows you to find your phone by doubling tapping your Walli, if your phone is within ~100ft range, it will ring.
  • Walli doesn’t require charging. It runs on batteries that should last you around 6 months before replacing.

Using the iOS or Android application, you’ll be able to set up and customize all of Walli’s features.

Walli Smart Wallet 2 Walli Wallet 3
When it comes to looks, Walli is handcrafted from leather, available in a Black leather with blue stitching or Blue leather with teal stitching. On the inside, the wallet has 3 credit card slots, 3 business card slots, 1 passport slot, 1 cash slot and 1 boarding pass pocket. You can choose from two sizes: travel size and standard size, and shipping will be available worldwide.

You can learn more about Walli Smart Wallet by visiting: http://www.mywalli.com

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