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Walli: The Smartest Wallet, Ever.

Walli Smartest Wallet
Not long ago, we brought you the news about Walli, a connected smart wallet that notifies you if you’ve left it behind. Since the campaign for Walli went live on IndieGogo, it has reached more than double its funding goal in a matter of days!

What Makes Walli The Smartest Wallet, Ever?

Walli Components

  • It connects to your smartphone via the Walli app to notify you if you’ve left it behind.
  • It also works the other way around, if you’ve lost your phone, double-tap your Walli and your phone will start to ring even if its on silent!
  • SecurePockets: this patent-pending technology monitors the pocket you use the most and knows if you’ve left your card behind. It will notify you if your credit card or ID is missing from the pocket for too long.
  • No charging required, the coin cell battery on Walli lasts for up to 6 months before you need to replace it.

See It In Action:

Walli is available in two sizes: a standard wallet or Walli Travel, a travel wallet that includes a slot for holding your passport, it’s a must-have for frequent travelers, you really never want to leave your passport behind! You can get your Walli now and save up to 45% OFF the retail price.

The Walli app will be available for iOS and Android devices for free.

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