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Welcome to The New HolyCool.net!

Hello! Welcome to the all-new HolyCool.net!

HolyCool has been online since February 2008, and if you’re a regular visitor to the site, you’ve probably noticed that lately it has disappeared off the Internet for over a week or so. Wondering what happened? Read on…

I started HolyCool out of boredom back in 2008, and as I was never serious about it, I hosted it on the free and convenient Blogger. As it grew, I never felt the need to move it to a self-hosted blog, so I kept it on Blogger. One day, I was logging in to my Google account as I usually do, I found a message telling me that Google has disabled my account for possible Terms of Use infringement and if I think that it’s a mistake I should contact them. Those shutdowns are mostly done by bots, and judging from the posts I saw in Blogger’s help forum, those bots are crazy and are usually mistaken. Knowing I have not violated any of their rules (not intentionally, at least) I contacted them, but I never heard back. With that, I lost access to all Google products, Blogger included, and they disabled everything associated with that account, that is Holycool.net (and few other blogs).

Because I couldn’t wait longer till Google enable my account again, and I’m not even sure they will, I decided to start HolyCool again from scratch. It is now hosted on self-hosted WordPress as it should have been a long time ago. And since all old posts have been lost, there’s fewer product features, but it’ll add up again with time as it updates daily.

Two important notes:

  • If your blog is hosted on Blogger, move it as soon as possible. Or at least keep a back-up for when Google bots decide to shut you down.
  • If you were subscribed to HolyCool by RSS or email updates, please make sure you subscribe again. Feedburner is owned by Google so the old feed was lost, too. For you to receive the new post updates, please subscribe to the new feed here. Alternatively, you can follow the feed on Twitter here.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank everyone who offered to help with the site relaunch, and everyone who signed up to be notified when the site is back again. You guys are wonderful! And I hope you’ll enjoy the new HolyCool!

If you have any comments/feedback, just leave them below or use the contact form here to get in touch.

– Dee

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