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Win a Smart Watch or Smart Keyfob by COOKOO

COOKOO Giveaway
We’ve got a very exciting giveaway for you this week! Fashion and tech geeks will love the gifts provided by our friends at ConnecteDevice.

We’re giving away TWO gifts:

  • COOKOO Smart Watch: a watch that connects to your phone and enables you to view notifications from your phone right on your watch!
  • COOKOO Keyfob: this smart keyfob (or keychain) also connects to your phone. It notifies you when you leave your phone behind, helps you locate your lost keys, and a few other features we’ll mention a bit…


About COOKOO Watch:

COOKOO Watch is a fashion forward timepiece, and it’s the only watch currently in the market that has both analog and LCD display for Bluetooth notifications. Unlike other smart watches, COOKOO does NOT need to have its batteries recharged.

On the watch, you can see notifications for messages, calls, emails, and social network alerts. It notifies you if you leave your phone behind, and you can also remotely control your phone’s camera shutter using a button on the watch.

The COOKOO Watch can be connected to an iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad (4th and 3rd gen.) running on iOS 5 and higher. There’s also an app for Samsung Galaxy S4 (in Beta), and compatibility for other Android phones is coming soon.

COOKOO Package


The COOKOO Keyfob also connects to your phone via Bluetooth. It notifies you when you’re out of range from your phone, and helps you locate your keys via the phone app. You can also use it to control the phone’s camera shutter, and it notifies you of your phone’s battery level.


To enter the giveaway, simply sign up using the form below. Want to increase your chances of winning? Follow the prompts you’ll see on the form!

Winners are chosen randomly and will be notified by email. The giveaway is open to ALL readers world wide.

Please note: if you sign up using email, your email address will be added to COOKOO’s newsletter. Our readers will be given a special discount code by email that they can use on COOKOO’s store. This way, everyone’s a winner!

See how the watch works in action here:

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