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Zulu Zion Socks

Zulu Zion
Anyone who appreciates socks as a necessary fashionable accessory knows there’s nothing more boring than your average plain, striped or polka dot socks. If you like to show off your socks as  part of your outfit, you’ll absolutely love Zulu Zion socks.

Zulu ZionZulu Zion Socks
Zulu Zion Sockwear is designed to bring you a cool combination of vivid colors and unexpected patterns that’s never boring. With designs  that are inspired by African tribes, 90’s hip hop culture and where bold and vivid colors are the only option, these socks give off a good vibe, give you an instant uplifting feel and will have you miles away from the dullness that regular socks bring.

Zulu Zion
Zulu Zion socks are not only about looks, they feel great, too! Made 100% in Europe from Italian thread,  you’ll definitely enjoy the best possible quality. So get ready to show off your socks. You can pre-order your Zulu Zion socks starting at $18 ($15 if you act fast!)  on Kickstarter.com. Buy it here

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